Buying Guide for Baby Play Yards

The Baby Play Yards or Baby Play Pens are the most fitting and safe spot for the parents to leave their child. Baby Play Pens is normally having the shape of a square or a rectangle with a mesh side panels. The area inside the Baby Play Yards can vary a bit according to the model and maker. The advantage that the parents find is that they can leave the children in the Baby Play Yards or Baby Play Pens to be in their world without the fear of their children wandering around.
The Baby Play Yards are always the cleaner option too. These yards are available with varied features added to it. Not every feature the makers provide is vital in case of every child. The luxurious lifestyle has surely affected the provision of many special features in the Pens. But there are some basic features that are compulsory to make the Baby Play Yards a comfortable one for you as well as your child.
1. Transportability of these Yards is always a priority. In order to be easily portable the Yards or pens should have the fold ability option. Moreover, the Play Yards should not just be fold able but should be easy to store it too.
2. Another essential feature is that of wheels. The presence of wheels can make the transportation of these yards much easier.
3. You should opt for the Play Pens models which offer a canopy. This may be of no much use during cold weather days but can be of much help during the hot sunny days.
4. The presence of the toys which your child likes the best is another feature to look for while buying Play Pens.
5. The Yards or Pens that you wish to buy should be easily cleanable.

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